The Differences Among Cities.

One of the pleasurable joys and experiences while traveling, whether it be in the same state, country, or continent, is experiencing the most minute differences between the places you are traveling – essentially creating its essence.   I have come to learn through experience, that the important aspects to notice when traveling  are – the people’s overall personalities and outgoingness towards others, the way a city wakes up ( at what time and how quickly ), the way people move around the city, the speed and pace of everyday life, and what people do throughout the day – how they eat, where they stay..etc. The combination of these aspects creates an overall experience and deeper understanding and feeling and emotion of the place. This week I have been able to experience all of these in LA and Santa Monica, which are completely different from those of Miami. In Santa Monica, I woke up to a mystic fog that was like a soothing blanket over  the city – keeping the people in and slowly awaking the city by 11:00. Slowly by slowly the people came out onto the street, but the movements were not fast nor rushed, like those of Miamians, but leisurely and relaxed – giving off a peaceful sensation as they went by. The best way to get a feel for a city and its people is going on the public transportation – not only is it also cheaper, but it is a million times more entertaining than driving in an isolated rented car. While on the bus for an hour from Santa Monica to LA, I met people from all different walks of life, showing me how, similarily to Miami, LA is a cultural melting pot with different backgrounds and socioeconomic levels


Six Strike System: Fear It or Ignore it

By David Levitan

It is said that in 2012 illegal music downloads fell as the rise of streaming music came accessible to the public. With tools such as Spotify, Pandora, Last.FM, and other applications and programs we as a consumer of music found new means to get access to stream music. Even early premiers of albums and songs.

As the decline of illegal downloads fell in 2012 and SIPA was shut down something new has arisen though. The Anti-Piracy Six Strike System.

While this is mostly to scare us and slow down our downloading it is something that can become an issue as time progresses. For myself I review albums and am sent download links from labels and vendors. I am curious to know if these links will flag the system or simply be noted. This is a way I make an income.

But for now this system is something of a test on controlling copyrighted information. How will it affect you though? Are you among the masses who illegally downloads movies and music? What about the Fair content right?

Well on Gigacom they list the reasons why we should and shouldn’t be worried about the Six Strike System.

They list for reasons you shouldn’t be worried that it does not affect all internet providers, only a few. You also only get six strikes which is more strikes then you probably will alert the provider if you do have one that is using this policy. The main part though is that you won’t be cut off just lectured and irritated as you internet becomes slower. Picture your parents lecturing you for doing something minor and yet it doesn’t truly stop you from doing it again.

Gigacom also lists reasons to be worried though. Starting with your systems will be watched and snooped into. These new rules do not take into account of Fair use. This also is only a step in a direction with these systems to begin. It can progress into something much larger.

So where do you stand on this line? Will it cease your downloads and peer to peer sharing or just simply have you protecting your downloads further?


Prosthetic Eye Implant Approved in U.S.


By Jeffrey Fernandez


            The Food and Drug Administration has permitted a prosthetic eye implant to be used for patients who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that can cause blindness. The implant, which is manufactured by Second Sight, was created with the intent for individuals who are blind to improve their mobility. The device would allow someone to see enough to avoid objects. However, the implant doesn’t help an individual make out colors. has been following the development of the news. According to the website, the implant is called the Argus II. The device is a pair of glasses with a video camera attached to it, a chip implanted around the retina, and a portable computer. The camera sends images to the portable computer which then changes the images into electrical signals that are sent to the chip in the eye. There are 60 electrodes in the retina that act as the diseased cells. For more information, click on the link below:


Charity Johnson

Is Online Dating safe?

As a single woman with no children who is almost in her 30s, I have been pressured into getting married. Someone suggest that I try out this site called “Christian Mingles” They said because it’s a Christian website, it’s more safe. I will not have to worry about meeting killers, rapist or ect… I don’t agree with it. It’s the same thing as saying every one who attends a church are “good” people. But, not everyone who attends church aren’t good and wholesome people. I prefer meeting someone and introducing myself for the first time at a public place not an online dating site. I believe it’s more safe than communicating with someone for the first time in person at a public place rather than an online stating site. But, to each it’s own. Some people found it to be more better and actually found someone online. I don’t want to take that chance with my life. 

Blue brains red brains are fed the content they disagree on.

By: Jose Gomez


Ever wonder why cultural mainstream media programing mostly shows two sides of the political parties, and other political affiliations don’t even get air space? It seems as if political reporting is tailor-made to serve their audience’s guilty pleasure of dissidence. A recent study proved that the brain activity of liberals and conservatives is wired differently, especially, when faced with a risk-taking situation. For example, conservatives demonstrate a settled way of thinking or feeling about something, typically showing in their behavior when exposed to: threat and conflict. In contrast, liberals tend to seek novelty and uncertainty, which make them more accepting of risk.


The University of California, San Diego, tested the brains of Republicans and Democrats. Republicans more strongly activate their right amygdala, associated with orienting attention to external cues. Democrats have higher activity in their left posterior insula, associated with perceptions of internal physiological states. This activation also borders the temporal-parietal junction, and therefore may reflect a difference in internal physiological drive as well as the perception of the internal state and drive of others. In fact, the brain activity of these two regions alone could predict whether a person is a Republican or Democrat with a 82.9% accuracy.


Next time you have to collaborate in a decision-making process that involves a risk and you are not agreeing with your colleagues, step back and think, “Our brains might just be wired differently.”

Research Article


Bright Lights; Sleepless Nights.

            We all do it: go to bed with the television blaring; sending that last good night text; checking your email just before bed.  It’s become a habit in our society to stay in complete touch from the moment we wake up to the second we fall asleep.  But is this habit becoming detrimental to our health?



The Huffington post reported that a 2008 study funded by major mobile phone makers themselves showed that people exposed to mobile and television radiation took longer to fall asleep and spent less time in deep sleep.  Because so many people use their phones as alarm clocks, leaving the phone less than arms reach away, people are more tempted to update themselves when they find they can’t fall asleep at night.  Because of this, people are spending less time sleeping, leaving themselves prone to sleep deprivation, compromised immune systems and trouble regaining normal sleep habits.

Let’s do us all a favor and put away technology if only for eight hours. It’ll give everyone just enough time to miss you, and the only thing people like more than knowing everything is a little bit of mystery.


-Gabriela Teresa Gonzalez “Gigi”

New PlayStation, New Standard

By: Louis Castillo

On February 20, 2013, Sony is expected to reveal its newest addition to the PlayStation line, the presumed PlayStation 4. Over the course of the days preceding the announcement they’ve released videos speaking about the previous three versions of the home console.

One comment made in the video above stood out to me more than anything else, “The Biggest thing to come along since TV was invented.” While it may be nothing more than a marketing slogan think about something; each of the versions of the console brings something new to the table in regards to home media technology:

  • PlayStation: Entered Sony into the game’s market.
  • PlayStation 2: Moved DVDs into the mainstream living room, while popularizing gaming to a new audience.
  • PlayStation 3: Moved Blu-Ray into mainstream, even winning a format standard for the medium.

We are now on the verge of the next generation of home entertainment technology. UHD (Ultra-High Definition) is beginning to make an entrance to the markets. Bringing resolutions as high as 3840 × 2160 (2160p) which is 4 times more than 1080p and 7680 × 4320 (4320p) which is 16 times than 1080p.

While it is unknown what standard the next console will push to the market all we know is that the next big technological leap is on the horizon.

Tenerife International Song Festival- by Carlos Bowers

I want to share my experience traveling to Tenerife, Spain last year to represent my country in the Tenerife International Song Festival 2012. This is one of the biggest goals I’ve accomplished in my singing career because I always had the dream of representing Mexico in an international event, so this was definitely a dream come true. Sixteen countries were selected to participate in this huge competition and Mexico was one of them with my song: Sueña Ya (Dream Now). Me and the delegates of the other countries were hosted at the Tenerife Hotel for more than a week and had the opportunity to get to know the island pretty well. We all became friends, but we never forgot that we were representing our countries and were actually competing against each other for Best Performance and Best Song of the year. The organizers of the event made sure that we felt comfortable and took us to the beach, shopping to different malls, and to an amazing zoo where we had the opportunity to see very impressive animal shows and where we were able to interact with birds and monkeys. This was one of the best trips I’ve been in my life. It was my first time in Spain, and I really enjoyed it!Image

Bang With Friends: Finding Lust, Not Love


By: Mark Brzuska

The online world is becoming vast and more complex. The days of Web 2.0 are long over and it seems like EVERYTHING is making a transition to the digital world. Online dating is a legitimate topic and it is a very useful tool for those looking for a relationship, but this trend of looking for love online could quickly evolve into looking for lust.

Bang With Friends is a new service that offers to break the sexual ice, online. At first glance, it sounds like an odd idea but it seems like the creators may be onto something. It has already brought in over half a million users and the trend seems to be rising. This idea shows how technology and social networking within the young crowd is changing. The creator, a man who goes by the name C, says, “We really think this is a much more realistic way of how the younger generation is working.”

This way of finding lust may seem strange to many, but then again I’m sure before eHarmony exploded as a legitimate service, we all laughed in its face too.