The Cell Phone Turns 40

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Courtesy of:

by Lanee Jackson-Orange

Those of us alive in the 60’s and 70’s probably had no idea that the shoe phone Maxwell Smart used on the TV show Get Smart or the communicator the crew of the Starship Enterprise used on Star Trek would turn out to be what we call today the cell phone.  The first prototype of the cell phone was over 2 pounds and took 10 hours to charge with only 30 minutes of talk time.  What a difference from the many choices we have now.  From the IPhone to the Droid, technology has come a long way in those 40 years.  What will we see in the next 40?  Who knows, especially since Apple is already talking about unveiling an IPhone 5S by this summer.  I’m sure Dr. Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cellular telephone, had no idea when he first created his masterpiece the many ways one can use their cell in 2013.



One thought on “The Cell Phone Turns 40

  1. It’s turning 40? Wow! I thought it was around 30. I remember it was 1989 the first time I saw a brick cell phone in person. I was 16 at the time. The owner of the company where I worked, would come in yapping away on his brick phone trying to look cool and important. I remember him as the Cuban version of Don Johnson in “Miami Vice.”

    Susan Perez

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