I watched this movie, reluctantly because I knew something would stick in my brain, and it would not be the memory of victory. 

The emotional baggage that is involved in watching movies that portray real life is a heavy one, one I was not prepared for. Argo showed a very dark side of Iran and how violent humans will get when attempting to get their points across. 

A tyrant wanted back for starving his people and being extremely selfish. In the mix innocent people get involved and trapped in their worse nightmare. 

For a few minutes, I exposed myself to their emotions and took on their role becoming a fugitive. I could never possibly feel the fear and constant anxiety they felt, but being a victim of severe anxiety allowed me to place myself in their shoes. I was ready to die. The overwhelming panic took over. Not being able to understand the language, not knowing when I would smell fresh air again, sleeping under wood floors with 5 others and worse of all, no privacy. 

As I brought myself back to my beautiful reality, my mind connected to another “fun” fact of my generation. Truth be told, I have no privacy. Google knows all my moves and information, my schools all have my records, my doctors have my health records and everything that I type will be a footprint of what I was, am and became. 

My burden is nothing like theirs; however, I panicked when I realized this problem would only get worse.



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