April Fools in the Technology Sector By Rafael Tano

Google and Youtube have announced some shocking news. Google has launched a new treasure map app and Youtube is shutting down after 8 years of gathering video footage to conclude it’s contest.

Google Treasure Maps

Google has done another hilarious April fools joke! Google goes in depth in explaining how the Google Maps Street View Team has discovered treasure maps from a fellow by the name of William “Captain” Kid on September 16th, 2012. Watch the video above to get the full scoop.

Now, Google Maps can be converted into treasure map mode. the map looks like something out of a captain hook movie. It’s pretty awesome.

Whatever you do though, don’t place your computer over an open fire. That’s never a good idea!

YouTube Shutting Down

YouTube’s April fools joke is that it’s shutting down after 8-years of collecting video entries. Wait, video entries? It was a contest all along? In the video above Tim Liston, the “Competition Director of Youtube,” explains that Youtube has finally collected all of the videos it needs and will shutdown for 10 years just to find the winner of the competition.

The montage includes some youtube video sensations such as:

  • Harry and Charlie Davies of “Charlie bit my finger – again!”
  • Judson Laipply of “Evolution of Dance”
  • David Devore Jr. of “David after Dentist”
  • Etc.

They all explain that they all did the video just to win the Youtube competition.

Oh yeah, and the winner of the competition wins an MP3 player that can clip onto your shirt and $500 stipend on your next creative project. Maybe that was a lot in 2005?

Thanks for the laughs Youtube and Google.


One thought on “April Fools in the Technology Sector By Rafael Tano

  1. YES! Antoine Dodson, Harry and Charlie, iJustine–this is the best!
    Maybe I can upload a video of me searching for the Treasure Map from Google. Double my chances of winning.
    Either way, both of these companies are genius for coming up with an April Fools video. It’s good to know corporate America isn’t always a stiff. I wonder if this will become a tradition?

    _Romina Herrera

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