3D Printing Body Parts and Guns?

By: Susan Perez

Category: Technology

Technology is an amazing thing, but it can be a scary when it becomes available to the wrong people.
I came across two different articles in the past month about three-dimensional (3D) printing.

The first article discusses how scientists have been able to use living tissue in order to create human body parts. One of the examples shared was that they were able to create ear cartilage that could be used with people that suffer from a birth defect. Eventually, they will be able to use 3D printing to create organs.

On the other hand, I also read that some people are starting to use 3D printing in order to make guns… Guns?!  Some people are using the new legislation that some politicians are proposing as an excuse to use this technology to go around the laws.

I realized how this 3D printing technology has somehow become intertwined in the capability of not only saving lives, but also taking life away.

3D printing body parts: http://www.thetakeaway.org/2013/feb/25/endless-possibilities-3d-printing/

3D printing guns article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/26/3d-printed-gun-movement_n_2957695.html


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