Marissa Mayer Speaks Out About Becoming CEO of Yahoo While Pregnant

By Michael Daud

On June 18th, Marissa Mayer had a bold decision to make.  She had received a phone call, being asked by name to serve as CEO of Yahoo, a company worth around $17 billion USD at the time. Working for  Google at the time, she made the bold choice to forgo a maternity leave and take the helm of Yahoo, recently rocked by a scandal when the media got wind that their previous CEO had faked his college credentials.

However, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that I would or could make it work when I got that first phone call. At the time, I was pregnant, and I was thrilled. My soon-to-be-born son already had the most delightful personality—jumping and kicking hundreds of times a day, making me laugh out loud. After 13 years of really hard work at Google, I had been envisioning a glorious six-month maternity leave. However, if I took the new job, a long leave couldn’t happen. The responsibilities were too big, and time was of the essence—it just wouldn’t be fair to the company, the employees, the board, or the shareholders for me to be in the role, but out for an extended period of time.


Marissa Mayer in 2012.

Marissa Mayer’s time at Yahoo has proven to be extremely successful  with Yahoo’s stock Rising 49% since she became the chief executive on July 16th 2012, exceeding the growth of Google during the same period by 11%.  She was 28 weeks pregnant when she took the helm of the company.


Yahoo’s Stock Price From 16-07-2012 to 1-4-2013

Mayer has introduced some bold changes to the company, including a complete redesign of Yahoo’s front page, and requiring employees to work from the office, rather than work at home which was the previous policy —  a move that frustrated some employees. Mrs. Mayer, who is married to a managing partner at a private equity firm, says she still tries to find time for her family even while being CEO of a company she helped grow to be worth almost $26 billion USD.

 I also knew going forward that there wouldn’t be much time beyond my job and my family for anything else. Ultimately, I decided I was fine with that, because my family and my job are what really matter to me.

Michael Daud, 2013.

Photo of Marissa Mayer licensed under creative commons.


3D Printing Body Parts and Guns?

By: Susan Perez

Category: Technology

Technology is an amazing thing, but it can be a scary when it becomes available to the wrong people.
I came across two different articles in the past month about three-dimensional (3D) printing.

The first article discusses how scientists have been able to use living tissue in order to create human body parts. One of the examples shared was that they were able to create ear cartilage that could be used with people that suffer from a birth defect. Eventually, they will be able to use 3D printing to create organs.

On the other hand, I also read that some people are starting to use 3D printing in order to make guns… Guns?!  Some people are using the new legislation that some politicians are proposing as an excuse to use this technology to go around the laws.

I realized how this 3D printing technology has somehow become intertwined in the capability of not only saving lives, but also taking life away.

3D printing body parts:

3D printing guns article:

The Cell Phone Turns 40

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by Lanee Jackson-Orange

Those of us alive in the 60’s and 70’s probably had no idea that the shoe phone Maxwell Smart used on the TV show Get Smart or the communicator the crew of the Starship Enterprise used on Star Trek would turn out to be what we call today the cell phone.  The first prototype of the cell phone was over 2 pounds and took 10 hours to charge with only 30 minutes of talk time.  What a difference from the many choices we have now.  From the IPhone to the Droid, technology has come a long way in those 40 years.  What will we see in the next 40?  Who knows, especially since Apple is already talking about unveiling an IPhone 5S by this summer.  I’m sure Dr. Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cellular telephone, had no idea when he first created his masterpiece the many ways one can use their cell in 2013.






I watched this movie, reluctantly because I knew something would stick in my brain, and it would not be the memory of victory. 

The emotional baggage that is involved in watching movies that portray real life is a heavy one, one I was not prepared for. Argo showed a very dark side of Iran and how violent humans will get when attempting to get their points across. 

A tyrant wanted back for starving his people and being extremely selfish. In the mix innocent people get involved and trapped in their worse nightmare. 

For a few minutes, I exposed myself to their emotions and took on their role becoming a fugitive. I could never possibly feel the fear and constant anxiety they felt, but being a victim of severe anxiety allowed me to place myself in their shoes. I was ready to die. The overwhelming panic took over. Not being able to understand the language, not knowing when I would smell fresh air again, sleeping under wood floors with 5 others and worse of all, no privacy. 

As I brought myself back to my beautiful reality, my mind connected to another “fun” fact of my generation. Truth be told, I have no privacy. Google knows all my moves and information, my schools all have my records, my doctors have my health records and everything that I type will be a footprint of what I was, am and became. 

My burden is nothing like theirs; however, I panicked when I realized this problem would only get worse.


3D Technology Hits The Ultrasound World, Shows Smiling Baby

By: Mark Brzuska

3D has been the talk of the town when it comes to technology. Whether it’s 3D TV, 3D printing, or 3D video games, the two-dimensional world we once knew may be in serious jeopardy. The lastest three-dimensional fad has hit the ultrasound world. New state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound imaging software by Dr. Bernard Benoit is capable of mapping a fetus in incredible detail. This type of technology can also come in handy with patients who need extensive surgery, as this new procedure could virtually eliminate the MRI by providing much more detail.

Besides an extensive help in the medical world, how cool is that we can now accurately see how babies look like before they’re born. I can already see it now, beauty pageants for babies still in the womb. Hey, if shows like Honey Boo-Boo are possible then anything is right? Overall, this technology can be crucial to helping birth a healthy baby, but sometimes the small things like seeing your unborn child with a huge emoticon-like smile on his face is what truly makes this technology special.


April Fools in the Technology Sector By Rafael Tano

Google and Youtube have announced some shocking news. Google has launched a new treasure map app and Youtube is shutting down after 8 years of gathering video footage to conclude it’s contest.

Google Treasure Maps

Google has done another hilarious April fools joke! Google goes in depth in explaining how the Google Maps Street View Team has discovered treasure maps from a fellow by the name of William “Captain” Kid on September 16th, 2012. Watch the video above to get the full scoop.

Now, Google Maps can be converted into treasure map mode. the map looks like something out of a captain hook movie. It’s pretty awesome.

Whatever you do though, don’t place your computer over an open fire. That’s never a good idea!

YouTube Shutting Down

YouTube’s April fools joke is that it’s shutting down after 8-years of collecting video entries. Wait, video entries? It was a contest all along? In the video above Tim Liston, the “Competition Director of Youtube,” explains that Youtube has finally collected all of the videos it needs and will shutdown for 10 years just to find the winner of the competition.

The montage includes some youtube video sensations such as:

  • Harry and Charlie Davies of “Charlie bit my finger – again!”
  • Judson Laipply of “Evolution of Dance”
  • David Devore Jr. of “David after Dentist”
  • Etc.

They all explain that they all did the video just to win the Youtube competition.

Oh yeah, and the winner of the competition wins an MP3 player that can clip onto your shirt and $500 stipend on your next creative project. Maybe that was a lot in 2005?

Thanks for the laughs Youtube and Google.

Have Video Games Changed Society?

By: Charity Johnson

Category: Technology

I can remember back when I was a little child, video games were innocent and they had less violence. Now, they have games like: “ManHunt,” “Resident Evil 5,” and the list goes on. The sad thing about this is that the majority of game buyers are preteen and teen gamers. Do they not  have restrictions anymore? It feels like anyone can purchase violent games. Personally, I do not agree with violent games  for anyone because it promotes violence and danger in society. I do not believe in anything that promotes harm.  They are teaching our young people to kill, steal, and destroy one another. I believe this is one of the reasons why society is corrupt.  At the very least, I am glad that President Obama has ordered a task force to conduct studies regarding the issue.