Drilling in Mars By: Sherezade Rodriguez Category: Technology

A recent announcement from NASA revealed that they have sustainable evidence that Mars could have sustained life in the past. It all comes down to a study made by NASA’s rover in Mars surface, after drilling Martian soil and analyzing the components of it, it shows that chemical components point to evidence of potential life in the past, NASA explains that the rover “…identified some of the key chemical ingredients for life in this dust, including sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon, researchers said. Intriguingly, the mix also suggested a possible energy source for indigenous Martian life, if any ever existed in the area”. The news comes after the rover has been in Martian land for over seven months now, and is expected to keep researching for potential living environment elements. The mission is key in understanding all the critical information regarding Mars before conducting any human command explorations into the red giant.

Drilling in Mars


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